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Alcoholism disease, causes, treatment, and prevention

Alcoholism disease, causes, treatment, and prevention

Alcohol and its Risk

Table of Contents

Alcoholism or alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction is a chronic disease in which a person consumes uncontrollable drinking and preoccupation with alcohol. The human body becomes totally dependent on alcohol both emotionally and physically. Treatments can help but this addiction cannot be cured easily. If you or someone of your touch is going through it, this is a tough time when you should be there for him/her. This disease is not as common how much it appears. Alcohol addiction to a person lasts for years and in most cases forever becomes a cause of death. According to NIAAA, men consuming 4 drinks a day and 14 drinks a week and women consuming more than 3 drinks a day and more than 7 drinks a week are said to be alcohol addicted. The worst thing about alcoholism is that it directly affects the major functioning parts of the human body that is the liver, heart, brain, pancreas as well as the immune system. The person’s wish to try alcohol now becomes his need no matter how much negativity attends their life. According to the national institute of health, 15.1 million American adults are alcoholics. The world health Organisation globally itself stated that 3.3 million deaths every year happen due to alcohol. Mild alcohol consumption does not cause any physical or mental harm to the human body in fact it has a positive impact on health. But we all know, that anything in excess is deep harm and if someone regular makes it a part of their lifestyle, it is literally dangerous and leads to alcohol use disorder (AUD). Now let’s go in-depth about this problem and understand them to get the right solution.

Root Causes of alcohol addiction

The real cause is still not discovered very well. Ever wondered what leads to develop a severe drinking habit?

Same as all the other addictions, alcoholism also gives pleasure to the human body. When you drink alcohol regularly, your brain begins to associate the drinks with sensations like euphoria, relaxation, and loss of inhibitions. This results in cravings and, in some cases, dependency.
Alcohol releases dopamine in our body, This leads your brain to link positive feelings with drinking and motivates you to crave more and more. Drinking also affects serotonin, which has a major role in mood and sleep. Once the addiction takes hold, you will experience less pleasure, and you may have withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop drinking this will lead-heavy drinkers will begin to drink even more in an attempt to keep withdrawal at bay. It becomes our routine and totally grabs our mood, energy, and sleep pattern.

➡️ Genetics and family environment

Research has shown that for children whose parents drink or if have such an unhealthy environment where all those are normal, the risk is utmost.

➡️ Under age and oftenly drinking

if a person starts drinking before adulthood, there are more chances that he/she will be highly addicted to alcoholism in the long run.

➡️ Trauma and unhealthy experiences

someone abused, harassed , torchered and unloved in the past go in depression and loneliness for which they start drinking for an escape

➡️ Family and poor parenting

If a child is being forced for something or no one understands them well, this causes alcohol use disorder.

Know if they have these symptoms

✔ Aggressive and compulsive which is self destructive

✔ Anxiety when not drunk for a long time

✔ Low self-esteem and confidence

✔ Cant concentrate on studies

✔ Can lose anyone for drinking but can live  drinking for someone most important

✔ Anxiety when not drunk for a long time 

✔ Often nausea , vomiting and involuntary shaking

✔ Drink even on small issues

✔ work due to drinking

✔ Unable to stop drinking even when trying hard


✔ Know your limits and keep them away from your workplace or home

✔Follow your passion


Live with healthy-minded people who have a broader sense


Create a new hobby

✔Understand how harmful it is

✔Consulting someone who really cares and gives you the best advice is always helpful


There is no problem if I drink wine/beer?


Alcohol gives us warm                                                                                                                                                                          


That is totally wrong, they are all alcohol only at the end.


The direct action of alcohol causes a drop in the internal body temperature by the following process. The blood vessels are opened (dilated) on the skin surfaces and the blood is cooled by greater exposure to the outer environment. As the cooled blood circulates, the core temperature is lowered gradually, but significantly. This process is continued as long as alcohol is present in the body.


You cant become addicted to alcohol by drinking beer


wrong, according to American research and studies there are highly addictive alcoholics who drink only beer.


You can stop consuming alcohol anytime you want


This is again a big mistake everyone does and begins consuming alcohol and later regrets it. Don’t even do this.


Anyone who drinks alcohol can get addictive to it


you cannot apply this to everyone as different people have different abilities and strengths to face things.


Heart and liver disease


Ulcer and diabetes


Decrease male hormones leading to sexual dissatisfaction with your partner


Bone loss, hair loss and vision loss


Unhealthy immune system



If I answer this question in a simple sentence, it is yes for those who really want it. Good thing is that one-third of people who are treated for alcohol problems have no further symptoms 1 year later. Many others substantially reduce their drinking and report fewer alcohol-related problems.


Behavioural therapies – Counseling, or talk therapy, with a healthcare provider like a psychologist or mental health counsellor, can teach you ways to change your behaviour.


Medications – naltrexone and acamprosate have been approved for the treatment of alcohol use disorder. Topiramate and gabapentin can also decrease cravings in some people.


Peer support programme – meetings with other alcoholics can help you stay sober. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are usually free and are available in most communities. Google now and connect to them, remember you are not alone in this world


Connecting to a counsellor may help

Answer – THL are 24*7 available to help you.

Answer – no , its same harmful

Answer – No , it’s the most unsafe and harmful activity you would do for yourself as well as your child.

Answer – no , it is not necessary and depends on various factors like amount of alcohol intake , etc.

Answer – when it starts controlling you emotionally and physically as well as your personal life

Answer – make them feel that you really care for them and prepare them for getting treatment through the methods which is given above in the article.