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Alzheimer’s stages, Treatment, Types and Prevention

Alzheimer’s stages, Treatment, Types and Prevention

Alzheimer’s disease – why and how it happens , prevention and treatment

Alzheimer’s disorder takes place when the brain atrophies And the cells of the brain are about to die. We’ve аll seen this disorder in the old aged grandparents when they start forgetting Small things and are unable to function as before. But you must know that is not happening in aged persons, these behavioural and mental changes affect a lot of young ones also. 


More than 50 million people are there living with this disorder or dementia. Estimates shows that around 5.8 million people in US have Alzheimer’s disease among which 80% are a 65 years and above and others are youngent onset.

If you see the following signs in one, there may be a higher risk of Alzheimer’s –

What are the exact symptoms of alzheimer’s ?

The essence of Alzheimer’s is memory dropping. As it grabs the person’s brain, this impairment becomes worst.

If a person is well aware of this, they must visit the doctor at the right time for the right treatment. The inconvenience of Alzheimer’s

grows with –

Inability to learn new things

the person is confused about the evening hours of the day is it morning or afternoon, is it breakfast time or lunchtime...

the person becomes isolated, socially inactive and restless.

– anger and mood swings hamper them.

– no more trust in others And their daily schedule become confused.

– loss of appetite is a common symptom.

Stages of Alzheimer’s disease –

Early-stage Alzheimer’s

It is the very beginning of this disorder. Greater signs can not be seen at this stage. A person may do all the work properly. But may feel unhealthy and have appetite loss from inside. Only fewer symbols of Alzheimer’s can be seen in this stage like misplacing objects and forgetting the names of known people.


The middle stage of Alzheimer’s

A person suffering from Alzheimer’s stays at this stage for years or months and needs the most care and affection at this time. Mood swings depression and frustration grab them , the brain cells start damaging and the person starts losing control over their life or the everyday task. Symptoms can be seen moderately at this staged example failing to recall their information, phone number , parents’ name, the school they have studied through and certain behavioural are visible.


Last stage of Alzheimer’s

This is the severe and most dangerous stage of this disease after which the result is nothing but death. He or she totally becomes isolated, separated, and distrusted because the brain’s working cells become worsened. If attention is not given at this stage, the situation becomes worse than ever for that person. One needs alarm reminders for performing important tasks. Physical inabilities like pneumoniasurrounds them. They need support, care, comfort and confidence as this is the end of their living.

Doctor’s diagnosis –

The doctor first prepares several tests to assess the memory power, social skills, behavioural changes and other brain function inabilities to check the stage of the person.
They also scan their brains through CT, MRI, and PET to diagnose the patients.

certain causes and risk factors of alzheimer’s disease

Since the exact cause of this disorder has not yet been extracted, but studies, researches and books answer this question to some level. When the brain proteins fail to function normally and start damaging, it is believed to be a cause of Alzheimer’s disease. It is also believed to be caused due to genetic changes.

Alzheimer’s is more likely to affect a person by plaques ( toxic effects on neurons that disrupts the communication between cells ) and tangles ( disrupts the transport system ).

• Age factor is also a reason and is normal that people tend to forget things with age and time.

• Genetics / parental history is a major reason

• People with down syndrome are more likely to suffer from this

• Unhealthy lifestyle like going out in pollution and dirt, always wearing helmets, higher level of stress , alcohol dependence , no sleep routine, lack of exercise and meditation , high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes also Alzheimer’s disease

• People who have mild cognitive impairment have a high risk of developing this disorder

Prevention methods –

Although Alzheimer’s is inescapable through medicines or anything but can be adjusted and reduced by certain lifestyle changes. Living in a healthy environment with inspirational conditions of choices can help adapt to the risk of Alzheimer’s.

• Eating rich nutritious and fibre fruits and foods which have low fats like nuts

 berries, and leafy greens would help

• Regular exercise and meditation would help in fighting any health issue. Do not skip.

• Visit a doctor regularly

• Quit smoking/alcohol if you do

• Have a good sleep cycle

Various myths have also been created in relation to alzheimer’s Following are such you must know –

 • Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are the same

= no, there is a difference. Where dementia is impaired memory and thinking, Alzheimer’s is a cause of it. Know this difference.

Only aged people suffer this

= the risk factor is more in aged ones but Youngest also suffer from Alzheimer’s

• There is no treatment for Alzheimer’s

= treatment like medications are available but it is not 100% curable right now.

It is always Alzheimer’s disease if you forget things

= no, it’s not necessary and it’s normal sometimes or you may be suffering from some other disease. Talk to your doctor.

Drinking or cooking in aluminium pits can become a cause of Alzheimer’s disease

= no, none of the studies verify this.

Treatments for alzheimer’s disease

A person suffering from Alzheimer’s needs to have patience and confidence as a single medicine or method can not cure it. Several drugs are approved by US FDA which help to reduce the symptoms and can help in the short run.
Medicines are there for the first two-stage of Alzheimer’s. Let us know about those.

• Quality life and environment

• Other remedies like vitamin e, omega 3 fatty acids, and ginkgo also have medicinal properties which temporarily help.

Frequently asked questions –

Yes , it may be hereditary . But its not always necessary .

The average life expectancy of a Alzheimer’s patient is for 10 years to 20 years but differs on many factors.

Vitamin D is major and many other are there

Yes , anemia increase the risk of Alzheimer’s

As because dementia is caused by several number of diseases , a single medicine ire medication cannot cure it 100% but scientists are looking for ways to cure it 100%

Yes , anemia increase the risk of Alzheimer’s

As because dementia is caused by several number of diseases , a single medicine ir medication cannot cure it 100% but scientists are looking for ways to cure it 100%