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Asperger’s syndrome Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Asperger’s syndrome Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

This common disorder is the condition that is developed when one starts getting out of social interaction and feels awkward talking to others and has a very narrow mindset. This is an Asperger’s syndrome
Separate syndrome from all the other ones we have studied and is now a part of autism spectrum disorder ( ASD ) .


A person suffering from Asperger’s syndrome is often unable to have eye contact and is very uncomfortable in standing in a group or in public. Someone facing this disorder may –

✔️ Be obsessed over a single thing

✔️ Don’t want to change their everyday unhealthy lifestyle

✔️ Don’t participate in the public things even if they want

✔️ Often get addicted to a bad habit like smoking

✔️ Be isolated and compulsive

✔️ Suffer anger or anxiety

✔️ Inability to learn

✔️ Bad nightmares

Why Asperger’s syndrome is caused ?

No separate reason defines the cause of it. Mental torcher in the past can be one of the causes. But it depends on many factors. Some of the reasons found in studies are –

✔️ Family history or genetics

✔️ Abnormal chromosome

✔️ Death of a loved one or heartbreak

✔️ Sudden exposure to any virus or bacteria

✔️ Taking certain prescriptive medicines during pregnancy

✔️ Born by older parents

How do doctors diagnose asperger’s syndrome

* Brain ability tests by neurologists

* Emotional and behavioural tests by psychologists ( there are no blood or urine tests for this )

Can Asperger’s syndrome be prevented ?

Since the one actual cause of Asperger’s is still unknown, it is not actually preventable but treatments and therapies are there.

Certain myths about asperger’s –

Children with this maybe creative and intelligent but still this is a partial myth as it is not applicable to all Asperger’s patients.

No, this is a big myth. They are just afraid of crowds and being social. They show love in a different manner that can be considered rude by the other person.

This is also a partial myth as it depends on person to person and the stage at which they are.

Bad parenting can be one of the reasons but it is not the only reason for this disorder.

What are the treatments available for this disorder ?

Asperger’s syndrome is not 100% curable, but it can be treated and reduced by therapies, medications and certain lifestyle changes.

✔️  Providing basic social training

✔️ Communication skill training

✔️ Cognitive behavioural therapy

✔️ Certain medications and drugs like SSRI

✔️ Parental counselling as well are available

✔️ Applied behaviour analysis

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