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Gallbladder stones – Cholelithiasis Overview

Gallbladder stones – Cholelithiasis Overview


The gallbladder stones or cholelithiasis can be termed as the hardened deposit of the digestive fluid in your gallbladder.

The gallbladder is placed on the right side of our abdomen below the liver. The small pear-shaped organ in the body contains the bile juice that helps in the digestion of wastes like cholesterol. The disease has affected ted 7% of adults and also children.

Technically the stones are formed when there is too much waste in the bile juice. You can have a single stone in your bladder or even various multiple stones of different sizes. Symptoms are mostly not visible until the situation is too severe and are generally taken off through surgery.

The gallstones can be classified in the following two type –

1. Cholesterol gallstones Cholesterol gallstones are formed due to too much depositing of cholesterol wastes in the bladder which is generally yellowish in colour.

2. Pigment gallstones – pigment gallstones are the pigmented gallstones that are the cause of too much deposition of bilirubin wastes in the bladder that are dark coloured.

The few signs and symptoms may include –

Have an appointment with your doctor if you experience that you go for a urine pass often and your urine colour turns dark. Also, often abdomen pain and digestive issues are a thing to be noticed and steps need to take.

Causes of gallstones

The basic three causes that lead to gallstones involve –

• Your gender (females are more likely to get affected by gallstones)

• Your age ( people aged 40 years and above have higher chances of gallstones)

• Your race (people living in America, and Mexico easily suffer this)

• Pregnancy

• Overweight or obesity

• Being diabetic

• Family history

• Eating low – a fibre diet with high fats and cholesterol

• Inactive lifestyle with no regular exercise

• Sudden and rapid weight loss

• Suffering from liver diseases

1. Bladder cancer

2. Swollen bladder

3. Bile blockage

4. Blockage in the pancreatic duct

• Quit junk foods consumption forever

• Have a healthy diet with fibrous foods

• Never skip meals ( especially breakfast)

• Keep your lunch heaviest

• Avoid fatty foods

• Quit alcoholism

• If you want to lose weight, don’t do it rapidly. Lose your weight in a healthy manner and slowly.

Fact – the surgery is very easy and completely safe. Although , complications have came across in few cases but its rare.

Fact – flushing out stone from stool pass is really a complication as it can get stuck very easily. Therefore , natural way is not really helpful in this case and please don’t be your own doctor.

Fact – this is a partial myth. Treatment of gallstone is available in Ayurveda but it depends on various factors like your cause of gallstone and many other things.

Fact – yoga can only prevent you from getting gallstone but once you are affected it cannot help , treatment can only help.

Fact – gallstones can be hereditary but it majorly depends on your lifestyle only and chances of hereditary transmission is equal to less than 1%.

Doctors may diagnose your gallstone by following techniques available

• Blood sample

• Urine analysis

• Abdomen ultrasound

• Endoscopic ultrasound or endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).

• Computerized tomography scan ( CT SCAN)

• Cholecystography

• Hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid scan (HIAC)

• Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP )

Doctors go for the treatment depending upon your symptoms. If one experiences pain in the abdomen and other areas of the stomach, then only further treatments are done. Mostly, surgeries are only planned to not have any further complications. However, mild stages are easily treated by medications. The two methods of treatment include –


The surgery done for bladder stone removal is called a cholecystectomy. Cholecystectomy surgery is of two types –

1. Open Cholecystectomy

2. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy


Medications are generally provided for patients who cannot go for surgery. Medications are supposed to be taken by mouth to dissolve your bladder stones.

Answer – if you are at mild condition, you can simply clear it out through medications. But surgery is required in severe symptom case.

Answer – the average size of gallstone is 10mm in diameter.

Answer – yes , gallstone is mostly treatable through surgery and proper medications.

Answer – gallstones are not really fatal. But there are cases where gallstones have become fatal but such case are too much complicated and rare.

Answer – having a gallstone in stomach is quite serious as it can lead to gallbladder cancer which is fatal.

Answer – yes , it is possible for the gallbladder to burst.

Answer – the surgery is not too painful . But the pain may occur in your shoulder for 1-2 day after the surgery.

Answer – yes , you may feel frustrated , tired and restless as your gut does not get clear properly due to gallstones.