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Genital candidiasis – fungal infection Overview: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Genital candidiasis – fungal infection Overview: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention


Genital candidiasis is a fungal infection which is caused by a yeast called candida. Candida stays in our bodies without harming us.

But when it starts growing inside the vagina, it leads to infection. It’s the most common infection and can be symptomatic due to certain hormonal imbalances in the vagina, pregnancy, consuming various medications or an altered immune system. It is also named vulvovaginal candidiasis.

• Too much vaginal discharge

• Pain during sex

• Burning sensation in urination

• Itching in the vagina

• Soreness

• Inflamed pubic region

• Redness and rashes in the vagina

• Being pregnant

• Being diabetic

• Weak immune system

Women’s vagina is a very sensitive organ and things need not to be delayed. If you experience symptoms like redness,

inflammation and too much pain in your vagina, you must see your doctor once to clear all the issues.

• Too much medications consumption

• Going through therapies like hormonal therapies

• Pregnancy

• Ill immune system

• Consuming oral contraceptives

• Rapid Increase in estragon level

A genital is a place you need to take care of very well or you can suffer hard in the future. The few precautions you can take to prevent genital infections include –

• Maintain hygiene. Stay clean during periods and change your pads every 6 hours.

• Avoid using cosmetic products near genitals.

• Avoid wearing too many tights clothes

• Avoid hot baths near genitals

• Wear cotton underwear

• Do not stay in wet clothes

• Do not wear clothes just after bathing. Let your body dry

Fact – Its not necessary all the time. You may have been affected by other bacteria also.

Fact – no , GC is not a sexually transmitted disease and there is no evidence that it can spread through intercourse.

Fact – no , this is a big myth. Any home remedial things like ginger or garlic cannot prevent your infection. Please don’t try to be your own doctor.

Fact – candidiasis have no connection with virginity. Virgin women’s can also get affected in the same way.

• Examine pelvic test

• Study your vaginal secretions

• Urine analysis

• Study your medical history

• Ask questions about your sex life

Doctors can go for the following treatments to get you to recover from the infection.

Medications – they can prescribe you single-dose medication or multiple-dose medication based on your active symptoms and stage.

• Vaginal therapies – doctors may suggest you for a short-term vaginal therapy which can get over within a few days or long-term vaginal therapy that can stay for months.

• Azole resistance therapy

Answer – yes , genital candidiasis can be cured by proper medications and therapies.

Answer – you can have sexually transmitted disease through unprotected sex but genital candidiasis through sex is not possible or rare.

Answer – there is no evidence which proves this.

Answer – when estrogen increases too much in your body , there is a high risk of getting vaginal infections deeply.

Answer – absolutely not , there is no connection of candidiasis with infertility.

Answer – yes , mild infections can get out easily through periods bleeding but it is not possible in severe infection.

Answer – yes , patients often complain about back pain during genital candidiasis.

Answer – yes , men can also get genital infections easily.