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Weight loss tips, How to lose body fat

Weight loss tips, How to lose body fat

Read this before stepping for weight loss – Succeed from here

Common Mistakes With Weight loss –Tired and Failed- Expert's Suggestion?

well, most of the readers must be looking for this only – lose 10 kg in 5 days but thinking from the very root of your common sense, do you think that it’s possible?

Like honestly, is it possible to lose 10 kg weight in 5 days?
and maybe it is but do you think it’s permanent and healthy? No, not at all and neither is this necessary.

According to experts, the question is only wrong. The question must not be how to lose 10 kg in 5 days but it should be how to lose 10 kg in months but permanently.

There are many people who go for various kinds of fat cutters tools drinks and diets by which they lose only their muscles and not body fat. 

The point which you need to understand is that muscle loss is not a good thing for your body muscles are very necessary for a fit body what you need to lose is your fat.

But young teenagers go for muscle loss and then find their weight declining in the weighing machine and becoming extremely happy.

Now here is the reality –

Scientifically its proven that if you keep yourself on diet for 7 days then you are going to eat the double amount of food for a next one month. 

So , your sudden 7 days weight loss is of no use you will only become weak from inside and look dull from outside.

This point is explained before taking you for further weight loss guide just to make you aware of the fact that this article is all about fat loss and which may not be sudden but is extremely permanent and fit for your body in the long run. Remember how you look , depends extremely on your diet.

This is the talk about the diet side of things. Yes, exercise does help you in weight loss but it primarily depends on the diet plan only. Therefore you must need to know about the actual do’s and don’ts of the diet plan during your weight loss journey.

Diets and dietitians are a thing of the past. Because in reality weight loss isn’t about following a particular diet plan for a while, weight loss is learning about Food Science and making a better food plan according to your Living. 

Also, keep one thing in mind that in the error of 2022 you are surrounded by all kinds of junk foods, desserts and delicious food have always been around you and also will be in the future.

If you want to lose weight successfully you need to incorporate the factors. You can’t follow a diet unless it’s a fun diet for you because it will help you to stay constant in the long term also.

The most important rule to lose weight is the caloric theory. Your calories out need to be more than your calories inside up to the point till you reach your targeted number of loss weight.

It means that if you want to lose 10 kg, then till that point you lose 10 kg you need to follow this system after that you need to reverse the formula.

The very beginning of weight loss starts by cutting off sugar and sugar desserts from your meals. You must know that sugar creates the same reaction in your brain that cocaine does. Deserts contain Maida and a lot of other fat added to it. 

These are completely addictive and that is the reason why more than half of the population of world suffers from weight issues. So from today onwards give up on your dessert or at least minimise it to the most extent.


Well, in non-vegetarian junk foods you gain at least a few proteins and muscles which are good for your body but in vegetarian junk food, you only get to gain only refined carbohydrates and a lot of unhealthy fats. 

So if you are vegetarian and stay out of your home then focus more on paneer-based foods because they at least provide you with a level of energy and protein which are good for your body instead of having pain puri and Pav Bhaji.

This is the most effective way to lose weight. Perhaps many have been created about the diet, and results and studies prove that the diet is completely healthy and effective. The Keto diet is a very low-carb and high-fat diet where your net carbs are never more than 20 grams a day. 

Net carbs are all the carbs that you get from even your vegetables and those carbs will be your only carbs for the entire day where the vegetables will only be green leafy vegetables and not carrots and beetroots.

Due to lack of inactivity these days most of us are gradually gaining unwanted weight. 

There are a wide range of products at our chemist shop and online which guarantee to lose weight. 

Well, people who need quick results always go for these but are you aware of the fact that these are the right choice for you?

The point is that most of us only want quick results and therefore, we go for all the unhealthy techniques for sudden weight loss where the end results are just negative and shocking.

As a consumer, you must go for genuine products and cut off unhealthy products from your daily life. 

Here is the truth about the following product you must know before going for them –

By selling slimming oils, companies promote visible results in just a few weeks to shape your body in whatever way you want.

But I am pretty sure that none of us has ever Wonder What slimming oil contains that provide so much quicker results.

The reality is here

Have you ever looked towards the ingredients side of these?

They only contain paraffin liquid/mineral oils and artificially added fragrances and Harsh preservatives like BHT. Not only this, the charges for these oils are more than the containers which is a complete waste of money.

The darkest reality is your skin is absolved of these Harsh preservatives immediately which can even lead to skin cancers which do more harm than good to you. The healthier version of these oils can be created at home only with black jeera, ginger and camphor oils. Then why go for the costlier and more ineffective one?

Stop today!!

The weight loss industry has heavily marketed Garcinia Cambogia products. Garcinia is a small pumpkin-shaped fruit that consists of about % malic acid and hydroxy citric acid which are majorly focused on during marketing. Garcinia Cambodia Mein helps you reduce your appetite in some way, say studies.

It is scientifically proven that Garcinia Cambogia promotes short-term weight loss but many have not found it effective. Scriptures refer to these fruits as Irish amla – sour, hot in potency and balanced Kapha dosha.

So these qualities suggest that it can help you in weight loss. But this point is mentioned because you need to choose the right one which doesn’t have addictive preservatives and must be a fine choice

Slimming juices are another weight loss product in the Indian market. Most of these juices are a concoction of age-old Ayurvedic herbs which are known to boost weight loss directly or indirectly. These are really Holistic approaches to weight loss. 

They are natural but do have preservatives like sodium benzoate. You can’t help yourself unless you buy them at home. 

Many of the remedies are available online which you can prepare at the home only which saves your money as well as your health. They are safe with zero side effects.

It is scientifically proven that Garcinia Cambogia promotes short-term weight loss but many have not found it effective. 

Scriptures refer to these fruits as Irish amla – sour, hot in potency and balanced Kapha dosha.

So these qualities suggest that it can help you in weight loss. But this point is mentioned because you need to choose the right one which doesn’t have addictive preservatives and must be a fine choice

Green coffee beans and green tea are the most preferred beverage in today’s time for those who are looking for losing weight. But, are they really right for you?

Well, you need to know that the only difference between green tea and black tea and green coffee and regular coffee is they are less roasted and has a little more quantity of antioxidants. 

Yes, they help you give weight loss Birthdays can be achieved by regular coffee and tea and also by going for the right way.


Apple cider vinegar has been probably the most talked about weight loss product in the last decades. Please say that helps in lowering your blood sugar, improves metabolism and also helps you to reduce appetite. 

Careful apple cider vinegar may help you to reduce weight to some extent but it is not any kind of Magical fill as it is marketed all where.

we must understand that it is basically an acid only. Excessive consumption May result in erode of teeth enamel and also hinder your digestion.

Fat burner supplements cost nothing less than 1500 rs. But they are not at all worth it in any way.

This is because most of the fat burners in the market are caffeine-based. Companies market the fat burner product in the company because they have caffeine in high amounts. 

They come with synthetic colours and various kinds of unwanted preservation in them. Therefore coffee can also help you in the same way only which is already explained above.

We must understand that it is basically an acid only. Excessive consumption May result in erode of teeth enamel and also hinder your digestion.

These top weight loss products are heavily marketed but have a different reality. The foundation must never be to ignore your eating habit. Also, there are many genuine products available which are working for a good purpose so better go for them.

Do you know that just one tip will help you reduce your fat to the most extent? Trust it or not, this can help you take your weight loss journey to a whole new level. Do you know why people get fat?

When you start eating in excess then what your body can utilise and absorb, your body starts storing that excess in glycogen. When the glycogen stores are full they start accumulating it in the form of fats.

So this is that one tape you must know which will deplete your glycogen stores and tap your bad fats.

If you are someone who is extremely overweight and do not know where to start, definitely try this at least once. The best thing is that this will give you the fastest and heaviest result and it is very easy to follow and without any monetary cost.


Well, yes, it is to do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach for just 20 minutes. So, if someone wants quick results so get up early in the morning have a glass of water and get ready and go out for a run.

If you are extremely overweight and cannot Run then at least do a brisk walk in your nearby park or an open place where you can do jumping or skip without anyone’s concern.


In the morning, our stomach is completely empty. Therefore all the glycogen stored is completely depleted to do cardio our body will need energy but if we have not taken any kind of carbohydrate, our body will start utilising fat cells in our body for energy.

The best thing about cardio is your body will not lose any kind of muscles when you are on an empty stomach your body will first use the glycogen store then it will move on to the fat and then it goes to the muscles. So just 20-minute cardio will not make you lose your muscles it will only burn your fat.

If you are someone who eats enough protein throughout the day, then it is not easy for your body to lose muscles. So, this is a simple yet very effective way to cut fat from your body.

There is a lot of confusion about what is exactly an empty stomach.

Here is the answer – 

An empty stomach is said to be when you have only water or you can have black coffee without sugar, black tea without sugar, green tea without sugar or the fat cutter homemade drink. Do not have any kind of carbohydrates as than your stomach would no more be called empty.

Cardio helps you cut fat from your body at a very fast pace. Doing 15 minutes of a cardio empty stomach is equal to doing 1 hour of cardio in the evening when you are stomach is completely full.

Cardio kick-starts your metabolism. When your metabolism is up your body will be able to digest food very easily. This indirectly helps you in extreme fat loss. A small workout like this will keep you energized throughout the day.

Cardio is of great benefit when it comes to your heart health and high blood pressure.

The weight loss industry comes with many different types of diet day to day. There are so many diets available in today’s time for weight loss hence it is very confectioning for all of us first to find out which one to stick with this article can help you find your type of diet.

On the basis of practicality effectiveness, health and pricing there are the following major popular weight loss diets-

Military diets and GM rights focus on Rapid and short-term weight loss. Those are called punishments rather than a diet. The military diet assures you of sudden weight loss in less than one week only.

The military diet is quite famous as it gives you very fast results and short-term success which attracts people’s attention.

The military and GM diets are very strict and specific about the food and portion size the only positive about them or any such diet is that it might help somebody to get disciplined about eating habits. 

But the approach is really faulty. It is nothing more than training your body for nothing. In the long term, a military diet can also lead to slow metabolism weakness and Rapid hair fall. This type is not much prescribed in this article as it would lead to a lack of metabolism in your body which is not a good thing.

The problem with these diets are there highly restrictive they either miss out on macronutrients or may stress too much on one particular macronutrient. The Paleo diet which is also referred to as Hunter gathered diet cuts grains legumes Dairy completely out of the diet and stresses on meat which overloads your kidney.

The Atkins diet restricts grains legumes event fruits and vegetables in your diet.
Similarly, the ketogenic diet stresses 80% of the diet from fats, 15% from protein and only 5%from carbs.

When someone adopts these diets people do lose weight quickly but these graphs create an imbalance in the human body
People must understand that no cards mean no fibre diet results in constipation.

You will only face nutritional deficiency performance drop and hormonal imbalances with skin issues which overall becomes an unhealthy body.

This is suggested as the healthiest way to lose fat compared to other kinds of diets. In intermittent fasting, you fast for 16 hours and eat in a window of 8 hours.

The best thing about this diet is that it respects the two important cycles of the human body – the elimination phase and the building phase. 

In the elimination phase, the body detoxifies and repairs and Regiment itself where as in the building phase, our body assimilates the nutrients properly. So if you eat well, it will rebuild itself.

Research has shown that intermittent fasting significantly reduces insulin – the first storing hormone and increases the growth hormone that increases muscle mass. 

16 hours fast might scene like a daunting task at once but, there is sufficient evidence to prove that the hunger hormone is very adaptive and in just 4 days The Hunger pangs reduce until it’s no more an issue. 

The ayurvedic diet is an advanced version of intermittent fasting. In intermittent fasting, the eating window is decided by yourself whereas in an ayurvedic diet nature decides it. The time period between the sunrise and sunset is your eating window and all the other times you are on a fast.

You can place your main meals in a balanced fashion as per your body time this is decided by the sun. When the sun is at its peak, your digestion is at its best and the digestion slows down as the sunset starts.

You can only have milk post-sunset which induces your sleep.

Unfortunately, all the fat-cutter drinks available in the Indian market are nothing but just a complete waste of money

Here is a fat-cutter drink that would help you with just four simple ingredients. It is cost-effective and healthy.

Ingredients –

• Coriander leaves – ½ cup
• Lemon – 1
• Cinnamon – ¼ tbsp.
• Warm water – 1 glass


Take half a cup of coriander leaves in a blending jar. Coriander leaves are high in dietary fibre, which helps remove body waste and it also a blood tonic.

And just a little amount of normal water and blend it firmly. 

After the coriander juice is ready, pour it into a glass. Squeeze lemon in the juice. Lemon is high in vitamin C, cleanses years body system and purifies the blood and also helps in digestion.

Now add ¼ tbsp. Of cinnamon. Cinnamon is high in antioxidants and is naturally sweet. Mix them well. 

Add warm water as it indirectly helps you in weight loss and also enhances your boil movements. Stir well.

This drink is ready to cut your fat. Have it on an empty stomach early morning for best results.

Do you also face a lot of food cravings?

Are you suddenly triggered by your mind to eat pizza just once say you are on your weight loss journey?

Then yes, you are the hunting spot of emotional eating.

Real fitness is a long-term concern and with anything long-term the keyword is balance.
This is what cheat meals are about.

Cheat meals are all about creating a balance in your fit lifestyle.
If you are in your weight loss journey, it’s pretty sure that you are also following a diet. You must know about cheat days’ importance in your long-term fitness journey.

When comes to a long-term journey, cheat days must be the end goal of your week.

That’s how you must look towards it.

What is cheating on your diet?

Cheat days are the days when you absorb higher carbs and higher calories.

How to go for cheat meals without affecting your weight loss journey?

Your weight gain or your weight loss is primarily decided by the amount of calories you take in one complete day. Every single thing you eat have some calories.

So add them up and if it is below your maintenance calorie level, then you will end up losing weight. But when it comes to weight loss you don’t consider the daily calorie, instead, you considered the average weekly calorie.

For example, if your maintenance calorie is 2000 per day, then you must be to consume below 2000 calories every day. But this is not possible everyday that’s why it’s taken as the average calorie for one complete week.

Have cheat meals and not cheat days. That means that in a week have two meals instead of taking one entire day of cheating.

When you have only one fancy meal in an entire day then you are only a few away from your diet plan. 

Sweet is suggested by experts that if you want to go for cheating meals, then go at lunchtime only as it is the best time for digestion and then have your breakfast and dinner with the lowest carbohydrates and fats. This will help you to make up your cheat day without letting you gain extra weight again.

This is the most super crucial part of cheat meals.

As the day starts toward the sunset your body loses its ability to digest carbohydrates and fats. So try keeping your cheat meal before night time that is the daytime – ideally a lunchtime.
Also, after a workout, your body Biology is made to utilise your food.

Therefore , one can also keep their treat after a workout.

Remember the average weekly calorie theory?

This is where it is applied the most. 

So if you take you to treat me on Wednesday then make sure to have calorie intake below your maintenance level on Tuesday and Thursday.

Basically, it’s super clean on the rest of your cheat day and around your cheat day. This will balance your weight very firmly.

Cheating me doesn’t mean having too many sugary products. Sugar Spikes your insulin-like nothing else can. This is the root cause of what causes deposition of fats in your body. So, better try avoiding sugar or at least minimise it. Remember to have sugar desserts after workouts only.

The fat percentage of your body depends 80% on what you eat and only 20% of them depends on exercising. One need not starve himself or herself to lose weight. 

All you need to do is eat the right food in the correct quantity.

Here are some pro tips that would help you cut down the fat percentage of your body to a great extent

• Lower consumption of carbohydrates – when you eat more carbohydrate than your body can utilise it lead to fat deposition.

• Increase protein consumption – protein not only help in muscle building but also help in the reduction of fat. Eating protein-based foods will help you keep satiated for a longer period of time.

• Stick to Healthy fats – the good fats automatically cut the bad fats from your body. Your body needs a daily dose of essential fatty acids.

• Include raw vegetable salad in your meals – this will extremely help you lower your fat deposition in the belly region like carrots, cucumbers, cabbage and beetroots, etc.

• Switch to low-fat dairy products – dairy products are saturated with a lot of unhealthy fats. Therefore right choice of dairy products with low fat in them must be a wise choice.

• Use cooking spray – use cooking spray instead of cooking oil as the oil when burned converts into fats. Cooking spray will help you reduce your daily oil intake significantly.

• Stay hydrated – practice drinking 3 litres of water every day. This will help you keep your metabolism up and reduce fat.

• Never skip breakfast – it is scientifically proven that skipping breakfast makes you gain weight. It is because, when you skip the very first meal of your day, then your body craves food the entire day and you end up eating a lot of unhealthy foods.

• Workout – regular exercising will speed up your fat loss process. So try to never skip cardio and do it every single day.

• Quit Junk foods – sugar and salt are your biggest animal and whatever you eat outside the street is loaded with one of them. So avoid them completely for a while.

• Have proper sleep – sleeping hours every day will help you reduce your food cravings and which will indirectly help you in weight loss.

Well, the answer to this is a big “ NO “

But the question arises to give an approx. overview Idea every meal you should have for weight loss. Every approach to weight loss has been already explained above in the article.

Here is a helpful, practical, full-day diet plan which will easily help you to a proper guide to lose weight.

This would be an extreme fat diet which is well balanced with a low-calorie Indian meal plan.
The recipes are very simple and nothing fancy so you can have the ingredients already at home and if not it would be of very cheap cost. 

– 6: 00 AM – wake up.

– First thing in the morning you should do just after getting out of your bed is to drink a glass of warm water. Drink the water slowly and sip by sip. You can keep the warm water in a thermal seal bottle one night before so that it stays warm the whole night.

– Warm water kicks start your metabolism which will automatically help you indirectly in lowering fat muscles

– For another advanced formula, you can also keep water in a copper jar one night before waking up and can drink them either.

– Skip tea and coffee early in the morning if you do. Instead, you can have fat-cutter drinks.

– Now jump out of bed fashioned of and get ready for the workout. 20 minutes of strength training or cardio and abs will help you gain your ideal weight in a very short span of time.

– Let your body cool down a bit and get ready for breakfast. Breakfast should be low in complex carbohydrates and high in proteins.

– One can go for masala oats in breakfast but not with those which are filled with preservatives and fillers but the homemade ones. Some other healthier suggestions for breakfast include eggs, mung daal dosa, chickpeas spinach egg bhurji, non-refined paratha, low-fat paneer and omelette. These breakfasts will keep you full for a longer period of time with a lot of fibre and proteins in them.

– If you feel hungry between breakfast and lunch, then have nothing but water. But, if you still feel hungry then have one cup of green tea along with any seasonal fruit and unsalted roasted peanuts. Avoid sugar-based tea.

– For lunch, you can have food like roti, brown rice, soya chunks black Chana and mint raita. Include salad in your lunchtime.

– For your evening snack, you can have three to four dried figs, chickpeas, lotus seeds, almonds, Chana chat ( homemade ), upma and any other seasonal fruit as these are high in without any bad fat.

– Seeing towards dinner time, go for one Big Bowl of mixed dal, grilled fish, and vegetable salad. Experts suggest having dinners 3 hours before sleep for perfect digestion. Avoid roti and rice at night for best results.

– Get yourself a glass of warm milk half an hour before going to bed.