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Lung Cancer: Symptoms,Treatment,Types,Stages

Lung Cancer: Symptoms,Treatment,Types,Stages


Lung cancer is the cancer type that occurs in the lungs but later on affects your whole respiratory system. Lung cancer is one of the most common types of disease in today’s era and it affects lacks few people every year.

As shown in TV ads and all where smoking is the most common reason for respiratory cancer. Lung cancer is one of the major causes of death worldwide.

However, smoking is not the only reason many people who do not have contact with smoking ever in their lifetime have also been affected by the disorder.

The World Health Organisation has declared lung cancer as the 4th largest death reason in India among which men were in majority.

The disease is never curable but can be managed if the symptoms are caught at an early initial stage.

There are many advanced Technologies today which can help you fight the disease.

Lung cancer – the most life threatening disorder_img_THL

In most cases, the symptoms of lung cancer are not visible in the initial stage and therefore many people stay unaware of the fact that they are suffering from the disease. However, the symptoms start worsening with time leading to the sudden death of the patient. following are some of the symptoms explained –

• Persistent cough which lasts for more than a week or a two

• Bleeding while coughing

• Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breathing

• Unwanted and sudden weight loss

• Pain in the chest and the area around

• All-time headache

• Frequent bone pain and muscle ache

• Wheeziness

A medical consult is needed if you face consistent cough and especially if you experience bleeding while coughing. As chances are higher for smokers therefore they must never ignore any symptoms that are explained in the above section. 

As explained above, the people who smoke have the highest chance of developing lung cancer in themselves. However, the situation depends on many other factors full stop some of which include the following-

• Exposure to second-hand smoking

• Residing in an area which is highly polluted with dust

• Genetics or hereditary

• Contact with Asbestos and carcinogens

• Radon gas exposure

• Under gone Radiation therapy in the past

Lung cancer is of many types and phases. However, experts generally classify them into the following types-

1. Small cell Lung cancer – this lung cancer affects people who are smoking for a very long time and have an addiction to smoking.

2. Non- small cell lung cancer- the cancer cells are enlarged in non – small cell lung cancer which includes squamous cell carcinoma, large cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma.

• Uncontrollable pain

• Pleural effusion

• Metastasis

• Shortness of breathing

Lung cancer cannot be prevented completely but a few precautionary measures can help you reduce the risk of Cancer generation in your body to a great extent. These steps include the following of them-

• Quit smoking completely• Avoid exposure to people who smoke

• Start Exercising if you do not

• Learn to manage stress practice Yoga, meditation and mindfulness

• Have a properly balanced diet with fruits and green leafy vegetables

• Protect yourself from exposure to harmful toxins of the environment like carcinogens

• Were full sleeve clothes and have a face mask while going out of home

• Check the radon level of your home


Fact – people who smoke absolutely have the most high chance of developing lung cancer but it also depend on many other factors and your lifestyle choices.

Fact – lung cancer can be treated with todays advanced technology if the treatment is started at the early stage.

Fact – lung cancer can affect people of any gender and age. Moreover , Chances of lung cancer is more in men but it can effect women also unconditionally.

Fact – children and teenager have the least chance of developing lung cancer but cases have came across there very young age teenagers died due to lung cancer.

• X-ray

• Computerised tomography scan or CT scan

• Biopsy

• Bone scan

• Blood test

• Ultrasound

• Sputum cytology

• Magnetic resonance imaging test or MRI test

• Positron emission tomography test or PET test


• Chemotherapy

• Radiation therapy

• Targeted drug plan

• Stereotactic body Radiotherapy

• Surgery

• Immunotherapy

Answer – the average size of a lung cancer is 7 centimeter which may enlarge with time.

Answer – the death rate have decreased during passed 15 years. But still every 46/100000 person die every year due to lung cancer dap bus Leo.

Answer – you can live for more than 5 years with proper treatment. The survival rate of lung cancer is increasing which is currently 15% over every 100 patient.

Answer – yes , literally lung cancer is a very serious disease and one of the leading cause of death in India. It is really life threatening to lacks of people every year but proper diagnosis and treatment at an initial stage can help you save your life for years.