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Marburg Viruses, Marburg fever symptoms and Treatment

Marburg Viruses, Marburg fever symptoms and Treatment


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Marburg Viruses is a chronic severe disease which is caused by a virus called Marburg.
The marble virus was very first found in Belgrade Serbia in 1967 which led to further exposure to the virus by bats. MVD is almost similar to the Ebola virus.

The virus occurs through physical contact with the species of fruit bats. The disease is easily transmitted by unprotected physical intercourse which leads to severe internal as well as external bleeding.
The virus is really life-threatening and the reports to the World Health Organisation, the death rate of Marburg disease is more than 85%.Marburg Viruses

The symptoms of Marburg disease are immediately experienced after the infection enters Once body. You may go through the following signs in yourself –

• Fever

• Chills

• Nausea

• Diarrhoea

• Frequent vomiting

• Persistent headache

• Bone pain

• Skin rashes (especially in the chest area)

• Sore mouth and throat

• Muscle ache

• Fatigue and Obesity

• Jaundice

• Dementia

• Vision/hearing loss

• Swelling of pancreas

• Sudden shocks

• Unexpected and unwanted weight loss

• Bleeding

• Organ failure (especially liver and kidney)

• Pain in the abdomen

One needs to understand that marble disease is really threatening and if you experience any of the above symptoms for a long time then you must visit your doctor. The disease if diagnosed at an early stage could really be helpful for you to recover easily.

Marburg disease is basically spread by fruit bats of pteropodidae family but it can also spread to humans by many other factors. Marburg virus is a highly contagious disease and is the cause of the following –

• Using used needles

• Eating the infected animals

• Having sex with the infected person

• contact with the faeces and urine of the infected animal

• Bodily fluids

You can go through the following precautional steps to reduce the risk of Marburg virus in yourself and your family –

• Avoid contact with people who are already suffering from the Marburg virus. If they are among your close ones and it’s your necessity to meet them then always wear full-sleeved dresses, cover your face with a face mask, and hand gloves, shoes and a proper PPE kit before visiting them

• Always have protected sex until you planning for a family

• Wash your hands and feet often to let the virus don’t enter your hands

• If someone has died from the Marburg virus, bury them safely with the help of healthcare workers without contacting them

• Avoid residing or visiting places which are highly exposed to fruit- bats

• Only you cannot alone prevent the virus so create awareness among everyone as much as you can

• Get yourself and your family member tested for Marburg disease

• If the pandemic outbreak is going on then socialize as less as you can

The symptoms of Marburg virus disease are very similar to diseases like malaria meningitis and other bacterial infections. Therefore it’s a bit challenging for doctors to result of the virus-positive or negative.

• Blood sample

• Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)

• Electron microscope laboratory test

• Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)

• Neutralization tests

• Antigen – capture detection test (ACD test)

There is no sure cure for the Marburg virus. Scientists are still researching for proper vaccination to prevent the virus. Doctors Mein prescribe you the following things to get rid of the infection –

• Therapy to maintain your body fluid and keep you hydrated

• Electrolyte maintenance therapy

• Hospitalize for blood maintenance

• Painkillers to reduce the body pain

• Blood pressure and oxygen level maintenance

Answer – you can visit a physician or a therapist

Answer – yes marble virus is severely live threatening but there are chances to survive if you go for an early diagnosis and proper treatment.

Answer – there is currently know vaccine available for Marburg disease because it is a highly complicated disease with symptoms matching with other kind of bacterial infections also. However , scientist expect that the vaccine will be available in the upcoming years.