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Obesity – A Major Problem Of The Youngsters

Obesity – A Major Problem Of The Youngsters

Obesity – A Major Problem Of The Youngsters

Obesity – A Major Problem Of The Youngsters ….

Obesity – A Major Problem Of The Youngsters

Along with a lot of diseases and health-related issues in the young generation of today, increased fat and obesity have grabbed their place completely among all. Obesity can be described as the worst visible disease which causes access to fats in the human body leading to various kinds of health-related issues and also a sort of embarrassment in society.
If you are among those people who sit and eat a lot of high-calorie food and do not do any sort of active work like exercising running or yoga then you are soon going to be under the Trap of obesity.

When The Mass Index of a human body becomes 25 or more in case of obesity. Body mass index can be said to be a measurement derived from a person’s height and weight and BMI is believed to be a simple calculation to know your weight.
Obesity can easily occur in anyone even in a child of two years. Consuming too much and moving to less is an exact definition of obesity. The complexion of disease is just not limited to the external appearance of a person’s body but obesity, in the long run, does not take a lot of time to create serious problems for you like diabetes cholesterol issue kidney damage blood pressure and even cancer which can lead to death.

Most of the Bachelor youngsters of today cause obese because of insufficient healthy diet bad environment and basic Lifestyle choices are very poor of them. Moreover, it is also different in Genetics and mental health and hormonal changes a person. But obesity is not a thing that cannot be cured. If someone takes care of every little basic thing in their life then they can easily cut the trap and get rid of it easily. Doctors’ mediational help and behavioural choices can easily help in this.

Someone looking forward to a healthy life would be concerned for their health and good visit a doctor regularly. But, if you face bench eating and excess cravings which have resulted in you in some weight loss in a very short-term period then you should visit your doctor once for a planned lifestyle and look if anything is wrong.

There are various factors on which weight gain basically depends. The body’s metabolism and teenage hormonal secretion have a great impact on the weight of a person. However in simple words, if you are not at all active in your life and do not burn calories in any way, you may be among overweight people.
Here are the major risk factors of obesity –

• Diabetes
• Cancers ( uterus, kidney , liver, bladder , rectum or breast cancer are most common among them. )
• Digestive bacterial disease
• Heart disease
• Abnormal cholesterol levels which can often lead to strokes
• Sleep apnea
• Inflammation conditions like osteoarthritis
• High blood pressure
• Fatty liver and another liver disease
• Depression
• Embarrassment and Shame in the society
• Social isolation
• Low – confidence and disability to perform any kind of tasks.

• BMI calculation – the body mass index is considered to be the easiest way a quickly check your body weight.
• Heart rate check-up
• Blood pressure and Pulse rate checkup
• Abdomen test
• Study your past medical history which would definitely include your exercise consistency, eating habits, your control over appetite , stress level, medication consumption of anything and other necessary details.
• Doctors also prefer measuring your waist circumference or visceral fat as it is believed that all the body fats or mostly stored in your tummy.
• Cholesterol level checkup
• Thyroid check
• Liver check
• Diabetes checkup