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Obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD) The scariest illness

Obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD ) – The scariest mental illness

Obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD) The scariest illness


A lot of mental illness has been discovered in the research. Among these obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD illness is a neurological disorder and one of the scariest mental illnesses as the person can even harm someone due to this disorder.
The obsessed person gets abnormal unwanted and consistent repetitive negative thoughts. The compulsions of repetitive belief can lead them to the eagerness of uncontrollable want of doing something wrong.
Obsessive compulsion disorder can intrude into a person’s daily life causing harm to the person in both the short term and the long term.
The obsession can really lead to high anxiety and funny attacks in a person. Most young adults suffer from the disorder but OCD can affect people of any age.
A consult with a doctor is highly needed for a person’s benefit and proper survival. Most youngsters are not aware that any such disorder or illness is present also and unwantedly suffer the disease for a long time and even a lifetime. Obsessive compulsion disorder can occur in a child or even 15 years.

Obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD ) – The scariest mental illness

The signals of OCD are both obsessive and compulsive. Moreover, one may suffer from any one of them or even both of them at any time. The urge of doing something interfaces with the person’s daily life causing extreme anxiety disorder.
The major symptoms of obsession and compulsion in OCD include the following-

• Gender – cases have shown that women are more likely to develop this mental illness than men.

• Biological hormonal changes and brain strokes – you may get OCD if your body has a major hormonal secretion in your teenage or you may have gone through a very hard time in your life alone.

• Anxiety disorders – a person who is already going through depression and anxiety or other such mental illness then they are more likely to develop OCD also.

• Family and parental history- you are more likely to develop obsessive-compulsive disorder if your parents or many people in your family have gone through it.

• Stressful behaviour at the workplace – if you are not making time for yourself for a long time and just focusing on your work only with full stress and not with her relax mind you may develop mental disorders like OCD.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder if not controlled at times can lead to a very poor and bad life for a person. The means can even suicide or even death through sudden Heart Attacks or panic attacks. Their personal life also stays very troubled leading to more stress and anxiety.

Unfortunately, obsessive-compulsive disorder cannot really be prevented in any way and most of the time people stay aware of the disease only.

The only thing one can do is live a stressful Life by managing their stress and balancing there personal and work life. If they find some mental illness which interfaces with their life then they must go for an early diagnosis as this can only help them to get out of this as soon as possible.

Diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder is done instantly when the patient consults the doctor.
Most of the time, it is a bit complicated for doctors to diagnose illness because this mental illness is similar to other search mental disorders like schizophrenia, anxiety illness, etc. The following test and evaluations are always made before further treatment-

Although there is no sure cure for OCD because of its neurological symptoms, the symptoms can be managed and Lifestyle choices can help to have a quality better life.

The following are the most effective treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder –

Answer – there is no such evidence which prove this statement. However patients believe that infections have triggered there illness.

Answer – obsessive compulsive disorder if worsens , is really a serious issue as it would badly affect your life. However , minor OCD can go away in a very short span of treatment.

Answer – OCD can be life threatening because in later stage of the illness it can lead to Extreme anxiety disorder and depression which can lead to sudden attack or suicide.