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What Is Hepatitis B? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

What Is Hepatitis B? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention


Hepatitis B is an acute or a chronic severe viral disease that causes infection in your liver by the hepatitis B virus. The infection is very common and More than one million people word widely get affected by hepatitis B every single year. The disease if ignored and left non-treated can lead to permanent liver damage or even cause liver cancer.

However, fortunately, a vaccine for hepatitis B is available to prevent hepatitis B but there is no sure cure for the disease. Even the world health organization have stated hepatitis B is a major global health concern. There are various causes of hepatitis B like getting a tattoo, kissing, sexual intercourse, sharing things like personal trimmers, sex toys, toothpaste and other such things.

Symptoms of hepatitis B

The symptoms of hepatitis B vary from person to person depending upon their condition whether the situation is mild, moderate or severe. Some of the signs and symptoms that a hepatitis B patient can experience include – 

• Nausea

• Vomiting

• Moderate or severe fever

• Pain in the abdomen

• Appetite loss

• Body aches

• Weakness and restlessness

• Fatigue

• Jaundice

• Change in urine colour

• Stomach ache

When to consult a specialist ?

You need to seek medical attention if the symptoms like fever, weakness and others are visible and it does not improve within a week.

Causes of hepatitis B

• Sex which is unprotected

• Sharing syringes and needles

• If the mother has hepatitis B during pregnancy, then it can transmit to the child

• Getting tattoo

• Using other razors, trimmer, toothbrush , sex toys

• Body piercing

• Getting in contact with a person who is already infected by hepatitis B.

• Going for certain kinds of medication for a long time

• Having multiple sex partners or dating someone who has multiple partners

• Living in places like America, Africa, pacific island, east Europe

Complications associated with hepatitis B include –

• Cirrhosis or liver scarring

• Liver damage

• Liver cancer

• Swelling of blood vessels

• Kidney disease

• Heart disease

Prevention of hepatitis B –

• Vaccine must be taken

• Use condoms and other precautions while having sex

• Do not use unsterilized syringes

• Use precautional measures like equipment hygiene, environmental toxins and other things while going for piercing or tattooing

• Do not share your personal types of equipment with others

• Stay away from those who are affected by hepatitis B

• Get yourself and your partner tested for hepatitis B.

Misconceptions created by hepatitis B

Fact – there is no study or scientific proof for thus . Hepatitis is not hereditary.

Fact – although there is no complete cure for chronic hepatitis , still the situations are very well manageable if done with full dedication and proper treatment.

Fact – Hepatitis is spread through body fluids and sex is not the only reason for spread if hepatitis. So it cannot be clearly stated as an STD.

Fact – hepatitis can transmit though bodily fluids only and there is no intimate contact in handshakes . So it cannot spread in such way.

Fact – the vaccines do not have any serious side effects. The effects like headache or body ache stays only for 24 hours and then get away from your body.

Diagnosis –

• Blood sample

• Ultrasound of the liver

• Screening tests

• Liver biopsy

Treatments for hepatitis B –

• Immunoglobulin injection for acute hepatitis

• Antiviral medications like entecavir, tenofovir, Epivir and telbivudine reduce the power of the virus in your body.

• Surgery involves liver transplantation

Frequently asked questions -

Answer – no , hepatitis B is not a life time disease . There are very rare case where the disease stays with the person forever.

Answer – yes , taking care of the important precautional measures , you can surely bear a safe and healthy baby.

Answer – no , there is no such case yet.

Answer – yes , if you ignore your hepatitis disease , it can create life threatening disease for you like permanent liver damage , kidney and heart disease which can cause death.

Answer – yes , you will get hepatitis through saliva touching kiss.