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What to do if Blood Pressure is high? Slideshare, Signs

What to do if Blood Pressure is high? Slideshare, Signs


Hypertension or high blood pressure is the most common and frequent state in today’s generation. This chronic blood disorder is caused when the force of blood flow is against the walls of the arteries present inside your heart. This common issue gives birth to high blood pressure leading to symptoms like attacks vision disability and various organ damage and various other health issues which lead to discomfort in your everyday life gradually. The amount of blood your heart pumps is responsible for your blood pressure. The blood pressure of your body is determined by studying the two types of a number of Mercury.

The top number (where the first number measures the artery pressure) and the lower number (where the last number measures the artery pressure ). The disease is majorly caused by poor lifestyle and consuming too much salt and sugar foods. Other factors include sleep patterns substance abuse and unmanageable stress in your life.

Hypertension – high blood pressure THL

Primary hypertension-

the majority of the population suffered from primary hypertension which is caused by excessive consumption of salty foods smoking and other substance abuse.

Secondary hypertension-

this is a bit rare in the population and is caused by the consumption of various kinds of medication pills like birth control pills pain killers and others.

The Signs and symptoms are not visible in most of the people who have hypertension issues or maybe scene at the last stage. However, some of the things that are almost seen in every patient of blood pressure include the following-

• Headache

• body ache

• difficulty in breathing

• nose bleeding

• We can eye muscles and vision loss

• Kidney Disease

• memory loss

• Erectile dysfunction

• Arthritis

• Preeclampsia

As suggested by experts, even a normal person who does not experience any kind of symptoms related to hypertension or any other disease still needs to go for a complete body check-up every 3 months. However, 90% of the population do not adopt this lifestyle themselves. So if you experience any of the above symptoms in yourself especially nose bleeding, fever or bleeding which do not improve within a week you need to go to your doctor as soon as possible for early and proper treatment.

Past studies and research says that the exact cause of hypertension is still unknown. But the disease is the result of various kind of poor lifestyle habits full stop some of them includes the following-

• Poor sleep or sleep apnoea

• Smoking, alcoholism and other substance abuse

• Consumption of too much salt

• Heart disease

• Kidney Disease

• thyroid issue

• Congenital defects in your veins

• Consumption of unwanted medications and pills without the consult of any doctor

• Your age- the chances of issues of thyroid and blood pressure automatically grow up in a person’s body with age.

• People agent 60 years and above are more prone to get the disease.

• Family or parental history

• Obesity or being overweight

• Your race- people living in Africa are more likely to get blood pressure disorder

• Potassium deficiency in your body

• Taking too much stress in your work life

• Suffering from diabetes

• Being pregnant

• High Blood pressure left untreated can lead to really serious complications in your body which include the following –

• Heart failure

• Aneurysm

• Vision loss

• permanent organ damage

• Heart Attack

• Kidney stroke

• Dementia

• Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss

• Go for a regular blood pressure check-up

• Prepare a diet chart for yourself which includes magnesium, calcium, potassium and fibre-rich foods. You can also take the help of your dietician for the perfect plan.

• Exercise every day and never skip it

• Practice Yoga meditation and go for mindfulness work

• If you choose to smoke and drink then go for them at a very minimum amount

• Stress can never go out of anyone’s life. Therefore learn to manage stress so that it does not hamper you and make you mentally sick.

• Notice even the minor symptoms in your body and work on them to improve it

• Play mind games, quizzes and Puzzles to stay mentally active.

• Have at least 7 hours of sleep

• Measure your blood pressure with the help of a sphygmomanometer or any other instrument available at them.

• Elevated blood pressure measurement

• Study your past medical history

• Urine analysis

• blood sample

• Ambulatory monitoring

• Electrocardiogram test or ECG test

• Your doctor may ask you questions regarding your symptoms

Fact – this is a partial myth. Yes you have a very high chance of developing hypertension in yourself as it is connected to your Genetics but going for the proper Lifestyle which includes healthy diet , exercise , stress free life and no substance abuse and reducing sodium intake in your food would surely reduce the risk of the disorder in yourself.

Fact – this is not true. Men have higher chances of developing hypertension in themselves but female also get the disease easily.

Fact – this statement is false. In most of the cases symptoms of hypertension are not seen in the starting phase but that is not mean all the time that you do not have blood pressure issue. Therefore proper diagnosis is needed to catch the disease in yourself.

Medications – the most prescribed medications for high blood pressure include diuretics, ACE and ARB inhibitors and calcium channel blockers

Alpha-blockers block the nor Signals and lower the heartbeat
Antagonist to reduce the effect of chemicals that lead to salt construction

Vasodilators and renin inhibitors
The Diet chart involves potassium and calcium-rich food with low sodium consumption.